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Always, the ‘lazy’ kid when I was growing up I could never have imagined I’d end up finding my passion in helping people discover a love for health & fitness!

I was not the fit one at school. I would quite happily come home and break into a whole packet of biscuits every afternoon on the sofa whilst my mates played outdoors. I was lazy and had no interest in being active. But then at the age of 16, after quitting a nasty smoking habit of 25 a day, I got myself a job in a gym working on reception.

I soon found my love for lifting weights, using my body and teaching others to do the same.

Cue several years spent in numerous customer service jobs before finding my true passion for teaching people how to find balance in their lives with their nutrition, training & outlook.

After several more years spent as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and working with the obese and morbidly obese with the NHS, I knew my niche and my talent: helping people improve their self-worth through activity and realistic eating habits.

And so as I enter my 30’s, I find myself working hard to build a reputation as a top Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, all of which centred around a realistic approach to nutrition; “eat whatever you like but with common sense and purpose”. And a lifestyle approach to exercise: “do what you enjoy!”

Hundreds of people have already benefited and seen incredible results from the realistic approach I adopt. Everything I do comes from my mission...

“To help, support & inspire people to discover a fun, healthy & sustainable approach to nutrition and activity; to ultimately promote their self-worth”

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