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Do want to learn how to lift properly and effectively for YOUR goal?

To most, lifting weights is simply the act of moving a weight from point A to point B when in actual fact, to truly optimise your workouts and achieve your goal faster (and more efficiently), HOW you lift is far more important than the simple act of lifting.


Enter my 121 face-to-face personal training sessions


Whether in the gym or at home (pending equipment availability of course) these 60 minute personal training sessions are ideal to help you understand resistance training better, and really optimise your results!

Includes a completely exercise plan for you to perform in between the sessions too at no extra cost!


Includes an initial Whatsapp consultation to discuss your needs, availability and what you're looking to achieve as well the personalised training programme for use in between your sessions.


*All sessions are conducted at Dream Fitness, Bognor Regis, but the plan can be tailored to use equipment also available in your gym should you train elsewhere

121 Personal Training (5 sessions)

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