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No one warns you of the sheer unpredictability of young children. How you can go from sleep-filled nights of beautiful tranquility to utter chaos in a heartbeat. You'll spend one night just looking at them, lips twitching as they dream and smile to yourself about how amazing and wonderful they are as you close the door, knowing they'll sleep soundly until morning. To then the next night, you're buying shares in Calpol, holding your eyelids open with safety pins, honestly thinking that sleep is a luxury you won't ever see again and "Oh my god why the f*** are you crying now!!" We (Rach & I) are currently balls-deep in the latter. We've gone from having very well-behaved toddlers (ish), to 3 little sleep-stealing demons that sleep at only times that suit them and deprive their parents of everything they need: sleep, occasional silence and a sense of humour. Oh... and don't forget that's multipled by 3! There are some parents that struggle with one! And we've got THREE of the f***ers! I shouldn't complain. And I'm not really. We ARE very lucky, as so many people had and lost what we have and would kill for just another microsecond of the noise we find so infuriating. People out there that would give up everything to watch that chest rise and fall just one more time. Truth is, we are blessed. I'm not a religious man but something gifted us this privilage of raising triplets and we're doing it, through hell, high water and sleep-deprivation, WE'RE F***ING DOING IT. But my god it is truly THE hardest thing I have ever had to face...and I've opened a protein shaker that's been in a hot car for 3 days! 🤢 Trying to deal with all this whilst running and building a business, whilst trying to get myself to the leanest physical condition I have ever been (which, might I add, is a challenge is itself!) is near-on impossible! But we persist. Because we made these goals. And these goals don't give a s*** what we have to deal with. The long nights, the stress, the shouting. These goals care only if they are hit or not. They don't accept excuses, even very good ones! Besides. I know that when all is said and done and the crying stops and the goals are hit, I can look back and go "Fuck yeah, I did that!". I can hold my head up and go, "I did all that whilst dealing with 3 of Satan's best minions!" (I jest, they aren't that bad I guess...) They say that success is even sweeter through trial. That victory with sacrifice is the only true victory. 'THEY' obviously never raised triplets! ..But I do see their point. 🤔


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