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Been a few months since my last post, mainly due to business bits getting in the way and of course a much needed and enjoyable break to Florida to visit Disney, Universal and all the touristy bits with the kids. And when I say "the kids" I mean just the boys as the thought or taking triplets on a 9 hour flight to a foreign country when they're only two would not only bankrupt me, but I'd also lose what little amount of hair I have left!

So the Nans and Grandads stepped in and after 24 months of hard-baby graft, we got a little break. Bliss. But we're back now and back into full "why are you doing that?!" life where everything is a weapon against one other (the triplets, not Rach & I) and nothing, not even a fruit bowl is safe! For you see, we often get the sentence "are they triplets?" when we're out. Which is usually followed by lots of questions about whether they are natural or not (a question that incidently I don't mind too much, but when you think about it is actually pretty freekin' personal!) and then you get the "Oh you've got your hands full" followed by the best one... "WELL AT LEAST THEY'VE GOT EACH OTHER" I'm sorry but imagine taking three un-Chris Pratt trained Velociraptors and putting them in a small dining room together and you'll soon see just how much they "have each other"for comfort! In a triplet-sibling world, like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, EVERYTHING is "mine", nothing is sharable and if you get too close, you're getting a toy to the head! Make no mistake, the biggest issue we face nowerdays IS the fact they have each other! And how do we truly know this? Remove one, or two of them and watch. They settle, they play, they sometimes even share! Three is most certainly a crowd with our guys and I've lost my high-vis jacket and radio!

Summer makes life a little more bearable, but also brings with it a whole host of other issues. Mainly being that big yellow thing in the sky. For you see, there is a price to pay for giving them access to the garden; a larger play area. The first being that again, nothing is safe or unseen. Rocks, plants, the neighbour's cat s***. All can and WILL be found and thus vigilance is key. The second as previously mentioned, is the sun. Yes, they can be in the garden but you must first slather them head to toe and back again with factor 5000 to ensure they can play without fear of sunburn. The issue here is that there are three of them and whilst we bath them as often as we can, the moment you pop the suncream on, you might as well have bathed them in honey and rolled them down the high street. Honestly, hang one of them in your kitchen after a day outside and no flies will ever find your meat and produce! And that's before I even mention how long it takes to apply said cream on three toddlers desperate to get to the swings first! BUT, as always, I love them. Proper words are starting to be formed, sentences too. They can sing, dance and are proper little people now which is just magic! Honestly, when I'm not losing the last of my hair, they are such beautiful little souls and when in good moods, nothing will make you smile more. Keep your eyes peeled for us if you're in the Felpham/Bognor Regis area as they do love a trip out. And when I say keep your eyes peeled, I jest, as we truly are unmissable with our choo-choo train (see pic), which acts like a parade float; causing the general public to line the streets laughing, smiling and cheering. It's a good job I'm not shy.

Happy Summer folks.


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